Data Protection

Data Protection

Your company data. It's as important as any other asset that exists within a company, but it's not always protected with the same vigilance. ProLink IT Solutions can implement a plan to keep your company running in the face of almost any disaster.

Business Continuity Plan

  • Application outage recovery
  • Site disaster planning
  • Physical security

Secure Cloud Backup

  • Secure Cloud to Physical backup
  • Hybrid backup for physical and virtual servers

Offsite Backup

  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Co-located Servers
  • Offsite Replication

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Physical and Virtual Server Replication
  • Pysical to Cloud Replication
  • SAAS solutions

"ProLink watches out for its clients. The company recommended that we purchase a back-up device that literally saved the day a few weeks later when a programming error resulted in the deletion of several files. We were back up and running a few hours later, as if nothing had happened, thanks to ProLink's recommendation.
- Innophos Nutrition